A Quality Approach To Florida Landscapes

I Provide Something Different

I specialize in plant care, while leaving grass cutting to others. This allows me to focus all of my training and expertise on the most difficult components of a Florida landscape—the flowers, palms, trees, shrubs, and the ground covers.

At New Look Landscaping, I provide you with a unique approach to plant care. I focus primarily on flowers, shrubs, palms, and trees and can find you a quality company that will focus specifically on your lawn. As a certified horticulturalist, I am on each job site to assure that different plants are pruned and cared for according to FNGLA standards at the right time and in the right way.

Almost all landscaping companies in Southwest Florida focus primarily on lawn care as a basic service. Then as a supplemental service, most will also trim and fertilize a client’s flowers, shrubs and trees. Typically, they hustle by with their hedge trimmers and then they are gone. Oftentimes, a “one plan fits all” strategy is used, resulting in plants being pruned at the wrong time and in the wrong way. Subsequently, flowers don’t bloom during their season to bloom and hedges become leggy, sparse and “boxed up” in an unnatural way. The purpose of this “one plan fits all” strategy is simple: it saves the landscaping company time and money. They can send relatively unskilled workers to do relatively unexceptional work. As a result, your landscape suffers, your plants look bad, and you—as a customer—really haven’t saved money at all!

That’s where New Look Landscaping comes in. Look to me for exceptional, certified flower, shrub, palm and tree care beautification.

My Promise To You

As a Florida Certified Horticultural Professional, I will answer any questions about your plants and landscape. My goal is to keep in communication with you and make appropriate recommendations regarding your plants.

Any designing and installation that I perform will use Florida-friendly principles, including “right plant, right place,” and other common sense applications to ensure your landscape will look its best.

I have the staff necessary to complete your job in a timely matter and ensure that the job is done right.

I will always remain flexible to your needs, from one time consultations to seasonal or year round care. My goal is to provide a worry free, beautiful SW Florida, outdoor living area for you to enjoy!

New Look Landscaping guarantees your complete satisfaction with every detail of service.